Specially Designed Presentations

Multi-Media Resources

1. Slideshow Overview:  God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action, 9:24 min. The video is highlighted in this web article and requires pre-downloading for smooth showing.  More instruction on at this link.

2. Carbon Nation-the Movie Trailer:  a solutions movie about climate change (and you don’t even have to believe in climate change), 2:24 min.

3. Nuclear Tipping Point-Prologue: a call to urgent action from four Cold Warriors (Schultz, Perry, Kissinger, Nunn with intro by Gen Colin Powell), 4:24 min.

4. UMTV Nets Fight Malaria news clip, 2 min.

5. National Council of Churches Homepage with news of the ecumenical Council especially in poverty, creation care, and peace advocacy. July 23, 2011 news clip:

Leaders Say Obama Understands Faith Concerns for the Poor: Religious leaders who met with President Obama in an “extraordinary” 40-minute meeting Wednesday said they are confident the chief executive sees the need for a circle of protection around government programs that support the poor.

6. “Poverty, wealth and ecology: impact of economic globalization” – article on ecumenical economic and ecojustice concerns of the NCCCUSA.

7. Church World Service issue on Women and Climate Change – excellent handout loaded with stories of how women are addressing environmental degradation and poverty in their communities around the world.

8. Making Poverty History – Resources on the UN Millennium Goals – excellent handout from Church World Service on global poverty efforts.

9. The Journey: Forgiveness, Restorative Justice and Reconciliation Trailer - the brief introduction to the 2011 Schools of Christian Mission Spiritual Growth Study, emphasizing the themes of reconciliation and peace. A good companion or followup to the God’s Renewed Creation Six-part Study Guide; 2:27 min.

  • Downloadable Multi-Media Presentations

    Downloadable Multi-Media Presentations

    A slideshow of images from around the United Methodist world, set to music, highlighting key phrases from the Pastoral Letter. For your use from YouTube for worship, meetings, classes, presentations, or group study. A review of the key themes of the call for hope and action in less than 10 minutes.


  • A Movie for Climate Change Advocates and Skeptics

    A Movie for Climate Change Advocates and Skeptics

    “A climate change solutions movie( that doesn’t even care if you believe in climate change).” If you care about clean air, clean water and affordable energy, don’t miss this resource for a broad audience.