Need Help with A Carbon Footprint?

Advice is available with tools, calculators and procedures for conferences, congregations and episcopal Areas…

The God’s Renewed Creation Project team can provide assistance with these items:

Group of young friends standing in a row against white backgroun

  1. How do we organize ourselves to get a carbon footprint assessment started in our conference or episcopal area?
  2. Which calculators or tools are best for us to use?
  3. Who should be involved in our office/program?
  4. What assistance is available from the Bishops’ Project on God’s Renewed Creation by telecom or in person?
  5. What do we do with the footprint assessment once it’s calculated?
  6. How can we reduce or offset our footprint once it’s measured?
  7. How can we get a “Green Team” or Creation Caretakers group going in our conference or episcopal Area?

Contact Project Manager Pat Callbeck Harper at to get started.  The Council of Bishops will be examining the results of our carbon footprint assessments and reports at their May 2011 Meeting.  That’s our deadline for this “illuminating” and significant exercise.  Blessings.

  • An Episcopal Carbon Footprint

    An Episcopal Carbon Footprint

    The bishops of one of the world’s largest protestant denominations are at work assessing the carbon footprints of their offices, illuminating interesting and helpful information.


  • Footprint Tools for Churches, Offices, Programs

    Footprint Tools for Churches, Offices, Programs

    What’s your carbon footprint? Measuring it is the start of reducing costs, waste, and our impact on the environment. Here are a few tools and guides to get you started, and a fine, easy to use study guide to take you from faith and stewardship to actually measuring your impact and taking action to reduce it.