Documents in Diverse Languages


The three basic documents are available in: French, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish (right-click on document to open it in a new window):

In French: Lettre-pastorale-abrégée-en-Français (PDF),Document du base-en-français (PDF), Lettre-pastorale-avec-liturgie-en-Francais (PDF).

In German: Ein Brief des Bischofsrats (PDF), Gottesdienstliche Feier (PDF), Grundlagendokument(PDF).

In Korean: Pastoral Letter in Korean (PDF), Pastoral Letter with Liturgy in Korean, Foundation Document in Korean.

In Polish: Pastoral Letter with Liturgy in Polish, LIST PASTERSKI RADY BISKUPÓW ZJEDNOCZONEGO KOOECIO£A METODYSTYCZNEGO, translated by Bożena Wiercińska, and published in the Polish church magazine Pielgrzym Polski (The Polish Pilgrim).

In Portuguese: Carta Pastoral (abreviada) Português (PDF), Carta Pastoral (com liturgia) Português (PDF), Documento de Fundamentação (com prefácio) Português (PDF).

In Spanish: Carta pastoral con liturgia Español (PDF), Documento de base Espanol (PDF).

  • The Basic Documents

    The Basic Documents

    The basic documents of God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action as adopted by the Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church in November 2009.


  • God’s Renewed Creation: News release

    God’s Renewed Creation: News release

    In a statement that says, “We cannot help the world until we change our way of being in it,” the bishops of The United Methodist Church announced today a significant call to all United Methodists, ecumenical and inter-religious partners and people of goodwill around the world.