The Basic Documents


These are the adopted documents carrying the Council of Bishops’ message to United Methodists and all people of good will, God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action:

  • The Pastoral Letter – The essential document for reading/sharing aloud by pastors and leaders in services of worship, gatherings, classes or events.
  • Pastoral Letter in Liturgical Setting – a form of the Pastoral Letter that includes liturgical elements of responsive lament, confession, and call to action for congregational or group participation.
  • Foundation Document – background in the preface, and more in-depth treatment of the message and calls to action in the Pastoral Letter.
  • Study Guides - for groups of adults and young people (6 sessions), and an introduction for Leaders of groups.
  • Each document is available in 6 languages; study guides are available in English.
    • Documents in Diverse Languages

      Documents in Diverse Languages

      The basic documents in SEVEN of the diverse languages spoken by United Methodists world wide.


    • Study Guides Ready

      Study Guides Ready

      Study Guides (downloadable) and one commemorative printed resource containing the Bishops’ documents and the Study Guides are available Now for use as Lenten, Earth Day, camping, retreat or ongoing studies.