Season of Peace brings Hope in New START

On December 22, 2010, during the Christian Season of Peace, the US Senate ratified the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) Treaty.

The World Council of Churches issued this statement of affirmation and hope for continuing progress in the effort to rid the world of the fear of nuclear disaster. The statement of the worldwide fellowship of 349 churches begins…

It is heartening that 20 years after the end of the Cold War, the United States has ratified a verifiable new treaty to reduce nuclear arsenals. Such a decision is especially meaningful in what is for Christians the season of peace. With member churches around the world we thank God for this small but significant demonstration of progress on a problem that continues to deny the hopes of people everywhere.

We also welcome cross-party support in one nation for a decision that concerns all nations. The US and other nuclear powers do not possess weapons of mass destruction in isolation. They do so against the best interests of humanity.

The New START treaty not only sets practical goals to reduce warheads and launchers. It also sends a signal that governments can do more than block international progress year after year for narrow national interests.

For the entire statement, click here. The message is available in French, German, Russian, Spanish and English at the WCC website:

Related Statements… The Arms Control Association statement, New START A Victory for Common Sense, is an important one from the greater nuclear disarmament advocacy community.  See this statement here.

  • Religious Leaders on New START Treaty

    ARCHIVED ACTION ALERT:The New START Treaty is being debated in the US Senate at this moment. Send a message to your US Senators as soon as possible before Dec 20 to encourage ratification.


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