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A  ”slide show” presentation shares images of places, people and communities where United Methodists live in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.  The nine-minute show accompanied by music by highlights many of the key phrases from the Council of Bishops’ Pastoral Letter, God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action. It is accompanied by  Kevin MacLeod with “Sovereign Quarter.”

This resource for worship, meeting, study and classrooms was produced by Debra Smith, executive staff of the General Board of Discipleship with photos contributed by Jo Ann McClain, Linda Bales Todd, and her own collection.  We are grateful for Deb’s creativity and generosity. Deb is also the author of the Guide for Group Study for the Bishops’ Pastoral Letter and Foundation Document.

Click here to access the link on the General Board of Discipleship’s special site with downloadable resources. Look for God’s Renewed Creation in that collection of files.  It will download in a “zip file” and may take 4-8 minutes to download.   A downloaded copy can be shown on your computer/laptop without being connected to the internet – great for exhibit tables, presentations inside internet-unfriendly buildings, etc.

Let us know how you’re using this resource in part or in its entirety at Contact Us on this website.

  • Campus Resource on Bishops’ Call to Hope and Action

    Campus Resource on Bishops’ Call to Hope and Action

    Young adult-centered Booklet available for the coming school year was developed by UMC Campus Minister and a team of college, seminary and graduate school students. Pilot project during 2010-11 will supply copies of the booklet and multi-media resources for groups, classes, and campus programs of young people. Pilot project is still open.


  • Especially for Young People

    Especially for Young People

    Especially for older youth and young adults, these resources, articles, discussions, and action stories need your own reports added here. Action-driven ideas and projects for young people and for leaders with young people.