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Creation is in crisis.  A starting point is in the convergence of these three interconnected and urgent threats to life and hope:

  • pandemic poverty and disease
  • environmental degradation, and
  • the proliferation of weapons and violence.

“Because these threats are interconnected, each one compounds the effects of the others.  This means that people and the planet experience the cumulative effects of this storm.
“The interrelated nature of these threats also makes it exceedingly difficult to make any real headway on any individual issue.

“We find ourselves overwhelmed by complex webs of brokenness: injustice against migrants, resource scarcity elevated to warfare, energy crises, environmental racism, economic globalization, and violence against the most vulnerable, especially women and girls.”*

You’ll find here issue overviews, backgrounders, news, action options, and stories – as many as we can find. Contact Us with your own analyses, visuals, interviews and stories of these issues in your own context.

*God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and ActionFoundation Document.