God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action is a message of justice and social action. It is a new network of people of faith and good will linking together to share ideas, challenges and successes in tackling an interconnected trio of threats to God’s good Creation:

  • pandemic poverty and disease;
  • environmental degradation, and the
  • proliferation of violence and weapons.

Growing out of the tradition of “speaking truth to power” this project will offer resources, opportunities for personal action, social networking and up-to-date information on issues that advocates and public officials are facing.  The message of God’s Renewed Creation is urgent and anticipates our responses in the form of transforming changes in our personal, community, public, and global behavior.

HopeandAction.org is a place to connect, share ideas and stories, and get the latest alerts for action in national and international policy arenas. What will be your actions for sustainability, stewardship, sufficiency, and justice? For more information, please Contact Us.

  • Nuclear Disarmament: The Time Is Now

    “The end of the Cold War didn’t end the nuclear threat, it only changed the character of it,” Michael Kinnamon, NCC General Secretary said as the ringing statement was unanamously adopted by the ecumenical council in Fall 2009.


  • “End Nuclear Weapons”-Churches in UK

    “End Nuclear Weapons”-Churches in UK

    A partnership of Christian Churches in the UK are demanding a end to nuclear weapons at a timely point in the Non Proliferation Treaty timeline.


  • Nuclear Tipping Point “Required Viewing”

    Nuclear Tipping Point “Required Viewing”

    What IF terrorists used a nuclear weapon… would there be cooperation or catastrophe? This important video featuring four famous Cold Warriors is a must-see.


  • We need to go “deep green”

    We need to go “deep green”

    Young people perspectives and concerns were sought by the bishops as they shaped God’s Renewed Creation. Kathy Gilbert, UMNS, shares some young peoples’ viewpoints in part one of her two part series “Green for Life.”


  • URGENT ACTION Needed:  New START Treaty Vote

    URGENT ACTION Needed: New START Treaty Vote

    Take a moment to make urgently-needed contacts with your US Senators… Call the Senate Switchboard or send a Letter to your paper, blog, Facebook or Twitter sites. As soon as possible-yes, now.